Bradford Investment Property

Bradford’s reputation as an investment hotspot in the UK just keeps on growing. Millions of pounds of recent investment has poured into the city; upgrading public spaces and attracting major investment and business opportunities. It is no wonder property for sale in Bradford is at an all time high

Over the years, Bradford has successfully diversified into a number of key business sectors including construction, financial services and retail, whilst maintaining a solid foundation in modern manufacturing with 160,000 jobs across the wider city region.


With an economy worth over £9.5 billion and a number of leading UK businesses headquartered in Bradford, including Yorkshire Building Society, Morrison Supermarkets and Hallmark Cards, the city is predicted to be the fifth fastest growing city outside of London. Bradford is also home to Bradford University and is in the top 10 for graduate employment in the UK, ensuring that its 35,000 students will continue to contribute to the fast growing working population and diverse economy. 6% of the population are under 16 years of age compared with 18.8% nationally, making Bradford the youngest city in the UK.

Why Bradford?

For a city entrenched in such an industrial history, Bradford also has a thriving cultural scene. Bradford is home to the National Media Museum, the UK’s first IMAX cinema and the star-studded annual Bradford International Film Festival. It’s even featured as the backdrop of numerous films, giving Bradford the title of UNESCO’s first City of Film back in 2009.

Bradford saw a 6 percent increase in the number of first-time buyers in 2017. What’s even more impressive is that this number is 37 per cent higher than in 2013, which goes some way to proving that the government’s intervention with Help-to-Buy schemes is bearing fruit. With the growing development of the Northern Powerhouse, the city looks set for a continued period of growth, making now a great time to consider investing in property for sale in Bradford.

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