Liverpool Property Investment

Property for sale in Liverpool is at an all time high. The city has managed to attract more foreign investors than any other period in its history as the city expands due to both a booming student and residential population surge.With the inclusion of its Tourism, Student and Residential sectors Liverpool can boast a triple crown in property investment.


Liverpool has been named as one of the UK’s hotspots for its buy-to-let market due to its high rental yields. Furthermore, with Savills expecting rents to rise by 21% over the next 5 year and interest rates remaining low with buy-to-let mortgage finance more widely available, now is the perfect time to invest in a Liverpool buy-to-let property.

Why Liverpool?

According to Liverpool Vision, the city is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy with access to six million customers, an economy worth more than £121 billion and 252,000 businesses. Liverpool is at the heart of the thriving North West economy. Worth £106 billion, the region is bigger than many EU countries, including Denmark and Finland. The city is firmly connected to global markets, with many multinational companies, such as Barclays Wealth, Sony, Jaguar Land Rover and Novartis, already major investors in the city.


Liverpool prides itself as being an innovative and exciting place for investment and business. It is a city with substantial economic assets and opportunities; a knowledge hub with unique learning centres; a destination city with impressive culture and a city with important sea and air connections to international markets. In 2004, Liverpool was given recognition by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site – alongside the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, safeguarding the city’s distinctive waterfront and its rich maritime heritage.With the growing development of the Northern Powerhouse, the city looks set for a continued period of growth, making now a great time to consider investing in property for sale in Liverpool.

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